​                                             We Buy Cash For Key Foreclosure Property !!​
​                                                       现金周转-需要现金私人投资
​                                               1. 投资: 香港银行项目 赚大钱的机会
                                               2. 投资: 银行拍卖的房子
                                               3. 投资: 收购将要上市的股票公司
Skynet USA Asset Mangement, Inc. Toll FreeNo. 1.800.899.9079 | Tel No.702.969.5599 | E Mail. johnnyhong1962@gmail.com


​​* Real Estate Foreclosure​​

* ​1st & 2nd Trust Deed Note

​* ​Gold Mines Project

​​* Solar Farm Project

​​We Lending Corporate/Business Credit Line $100K - $300K, Minimum FICO 680+

​​​We Lending Emergency CASH to Stop Foreclosure Process FICO as low as 300

We are also Consulting Services for Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Prepaid Debit Card Payment Solution with Visa, MasterCard and Discover.​​

​​Preliminary Statement

Skynet USA (Foreclosure Division) was created and founded by Mr.Johnny Hong since 1989. Former company name known as Central World Realty, Inc., headquartered in the city of Pomona, State of California, exclusively selling and managing bank foreclosure properties throughout Southern California.

​We a certified broker firm approved with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FDIC, RTC, VA and many Major Banks/Lenders.

Mr. ​Johnny Hong’s Availability:

* Unique Concept Knowledge

* Bi-lingual (5) Languages

* Buy & Sell Notes (Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac)

* Real Estate Investment

* Foreclosure Properties (NOD,TS, REO) 

* Loan Modification 

* Personal Credit (FICO Score) 

* Corporate/Business Credit Bank/Lenders

* Non-Performing Loan (Bad Loan)

* ​Business Law, Financial Planner

* Tool to build your Investments

* Expedite your Transaction

Mr. Johnny Hong will share a very unique knowledge and expertise to the entire consumer communities, for those who want to become financially independent.

Personal Goal:

Mr. Johnny Hong seeking a team of Aggressive Members who would like to become successful in their careers, and would like to achieve financial independence for their families across the country.

Future goal for Skynet USA Asset Management, Inc. 

We will utilize our capabilities, knowledge and work hard to build an empire to prepare and bring Skynet USA Corporation and its business model offerings to
​the public (NASDAQ Stock market) in the near future.

​​Free Consultation!

​* Bankruptcy Chapter (7,13,11)  with Attorney

* Short Sale

* Loan Modification

* Principle Reduction

Seeking Private Investors!​​

* Private Investors Short Terms High Return!

* ROI 20% - 30% Short Terms Secured by Grant Deed or Deed  

​​* For Free Consultation please Contact

  ​​Mr.Johnny Hong 

​​​​  Direct Line at: Tel No.702.969.5599.

 Toll Free Number. 1.800.899.9079​​

洪 春 成
​​​​​​​Founder & CEO

Toll Free No.1.800.899.9079


Head Quarter Office
5115 Spring Mountain Road.
Las Vegas, NV 89146

California Branch Office
17011 Beach Blvd.
Huntington Beach, CA 92647​​​​​​​